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Assembling, adhering, riveting, welding, screwing, cutting, and clamping: in the interest of perfect customer service, we developed our very own assembly back in 1995 – exclusively geared towards and specialised in all of these technologies. Even back then, we thought that our customers should have access to one-stop solutions and perfectly finished products. That is why we made the process chains quick and the distances short.

Configuration of the deep drawn components with additional functionality, fitting of seals and stiffening frames, bonding of plastic/plastic and plastic/metal, attaching safety guards, mounting hinges, sensors, or other electrical components: we supply simple and complex modules to all sectors of the industry. Our final assembly’s production spectrum is vast and covered seamlessly by our highly trained colleagues.

The professional bonding of plastics, for example, is something that only few have mastered. To achieve a lasting adhesion, in-depth knowledge of glues and available gluing systems is indispensable. Equally important is an expert knowledge of the surface structure of the parts because their bond is directly dependent on the substrate surface. Our polymer-chemistry engineers have that expertise. They have been utilising it successfully in our customers’ projects and developments – for decades.

The quality of welded parts is primarily a result of the welding technician's abilities. Our process technicians for plastic- and rubber-technology have been trained by us. They have the necessary expertise and practical experience and are happy to meet any challenge head on. In close consultation with our engineers, we can produce containers, troughs, covers, or prototypes from semi-manufactured products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or polystyrene in top quality and no time at all.

  • Our assembly assures the delivery of even complex assemblies and systems

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