Solutions made of plastic

Hesse Thermoforming is one of the leading suppliers of complex plastic products and thermoforming solutions.

As a specialist for the development and manufacture of high-quality and complex thermoformed parts made of plastic, we offer our customers full service. From design and development to production to complex logistics services. Our customers benefit from more than 70 years of experience in plastic processing. We deliver intelligent solutions tailored to the individual and specific requirements and production requirements of our customers.


Thermoforming is today one of the most economical and efficient processes in plastic processing. By means of modern machines, both complex geometries and high unit numbers can be produced effectively.

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CNC milling

CNC milling is suitable both for the post-processing of plastic parts which are produced by means of thermoforming or other processes, as well as generically for the production of prototypes.

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Our assembly guarantees the delivery of even complex assemblies and systems. Both the challenging functional integration as well as simple fastening are fulfilled here according to customer requirements.

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